A Brief Presentation of Asociación Hispano Nórdica de Nerja - AHN Nerja   The organisation AHN has six local clubs spread all over Costa del Sol. The clubs are a forum and a meeting point for Scandinavians living in Andalusia. Their activities include, apart from club meetings, a comprehensive program of activities ranging from church meetings to golf, bridge, parties etc. Another purpose with the association is to promote mutual understanding of and knowledge about the Spanish and the Nordic cultures among the population in the local area.   The weekly club meeting in AHN Nerja has both a social and a cultural purpose at the same time as it offers the members good quality information targeted at the Scandinavian expatriates in the area. The Club invites persons of Scandinavian origin, or other individuals that feel they have some kind of relation to the Scandinavian society, to join the club as members. The majority of the meetings are held in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or English. In respect of the latter, the command of English among the Scandinavians is very good. Having said that, all internal communication is done in any of the Scandinavian languages.    If you are interested to know more about the Club's activities you are welcome to contact the Chairman Mr. Frank Andersson at +46 705 417 296 or at frank@ahn-nerja.org .
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